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I am using a CSS with a header that contains a corporate logo, etc...At the right side of this logo is an image that is probably 75 pixels wide.  The width of the entire header is 900 pixels.

I also have some links and text inside this header that are situated at the bottom towards the right side.  This includes the user's email address along with myaccount and login links. What I need to do is align this text in such a way that it will be displayed next to the image on the right side without overlapping it, but i can't figure out how to do this.

I can't just use right-align, because then the text shows up over the image. I've included the way i have the code right now below, but this also is not ideal, since the text always starts in the same place and the length of the email address is different for each user, causing it never to align perfectly unless the email address happens to be of a specific length.

I've currently just set it up in my CSS using this code:

#topsection h2{
margin: 0;
padding-top: 25px;
text-indent: 475px;
font-size: 12px;

Is there a way to right align the data minus a specific number of pixels(in this case 75) so that i know it will always be displayed appropriately?

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You can use negative margins in CSS

#topsection h2{
margin-left: -30px;

Be sure to run cross browser tests!

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If you want things on the right, you can also float them:



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Thanks, much appreciated.