Topic: CSS hooks for layout design

My CSS stylesheet is generating different results from the layout which is shown on page on page 200 of the book "Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications". Instead of a box div with a white background surrounded by a green border on a dark grey background, I'm getting only a dark gray background with no box.

I went into my "public" directory to check out my style.css file; the css file looks fine, with a div id for content used to delineate the box.

I would like to check my HTML or RHTML source file/s, which I assume are dynamically generated by the Mongrel webserver, to make sure that the div is there to hang the #content div on.

How do I do this?

Thank you.

Re: CSS hooks for layout design

You can do this by rendering the page in the browser and viewing the source (under the View menu).

It looks like the content div is specified in the application.rhtml file (p 158). Is it in your layout file? Is the layout file in the proper location?

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