Topic: Photoshop and Illustrator on intel macs?

I'm currently using the Photoshop and Illustrator 30 day trials on my MacBook with 1 gig of ram. And holy heck they are slow! They are borderline unusable. And on top of that Illustrator crashes pretty often too.

Is this normal? I know they are running in Rosetta, and they are pretty beefy programs, but I wouldn't have expected it to be this bad. Will more memory help? I'm not doing anything high res at all, this is all website oriented stuff, just 72dpi.

I'm glad they are 30 day trials. Not that I would have bought them, but I did consider buying legit copies of older versions (probably whatever was the first release for OSX, as really Photoshop and Illustrator have been completely finished applications for years now). But I doubt I will now. When Adobe finally goes Intel I'm sure they'll work great, but then my only choice is to donate a kidney for that speed :-/

Re: Photoshop and Illustrator on intel macs?

I consider it usable on my Intel iMac 2 GHz. I have 2 GB of RAM which definitely helps.

But Adobe applications are slow and bloated. They just seem to get slower and slower with each new release as they add features and don't worry too much about optimization (apparently). However, CS3 should be coming out in a couple months (?) and will be Universal, so it should be much faster on Intel Macs.

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Re: Photoshop and Illustrator on intel macs?

My biggest problems with the PPC version of Photoshop was the super-long loading. The CS3 beta seems a whole lot faster on Intel though, so just wait a couple of weeks until they're released. Well, probably a little longer if you have to buy all new and aren't just upgrading since it's so expensive...

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