Topic: Anyone have experience with stolen domains?

I've been going crazy this past week.  I went into business a couple years ago with a family member.  Unfortunately things went sour a few months ago. It was just a situation where I had enough and left the company.

The problem I'm having is that this person copied my email archive off an email server that another relative maintained (he apparently gave her access to old archives).  So far I've had 2 domains stolen (godaddy is a joke), my ebay account has been hijacked and someone tried to gain access to my paypal account.  Well, that's all I know of at this point.  If you click on my website link here you'll see my personal Rails blog is gone. 

Anyway, I'm hoping some of you have knowledge of this sort of thing.  Are these criminal offences?  Is it possible to get ipaddress records from godaddy or ebay?- I have a feeling that i'll need to subpoena them but I don't know what it'll get me.  I have a good lawyer, but she doesn't know much about internet/identity theft so I'm doing the research.  BTW, I've contacted godaddy and they basically told me to **** off even though I own the account, know the account pw, account pin and all the contact info has my credentials.

If anyone can give me any pointers i'd really appreciate it.  I'm having trouble finding good resources and court cases similar to what I'm going through.  This is bound to get really interesting...


Re: Anyone have experience with stolen domains?

Oh my gosh.

I am sorry to hear this.  Unfortunately I do not know much about this type of theft, but I am sure it is something we all should actually learn.

If I find out anything, I will be sure to drop you a line.

Re: Anyone have experience with stolen domains?

Xilo, I appreciate the support.  I don't like airing my dirty laundry, but I'm kind of desperate right now.