Topic: Multiple Oracle sessions

My application is setup with Apache served using FastCGI. In the httpd.conf file I specify that 2 FastCGI processes should run with an idle-timeout of 60 seconds.

I'm testing the app and each time I open a browser (Firefox or IE), a new Oracle session is created. If I continue to use the app on the same browser, no new sessions are created. However, if I reopen the browser and connect to the app, a new session (and sometimes 2 sessions) is created and the old oracle session is not closed. Any queries will be run on the most recently opened oracle session.

I tested locally using WEBrick and this is not a problem. If I connect to the same app served over WEBrick, an Oracle session is opened and any queries are run on that session. No further sessions are open regardless if I close and reopen a browser.

This is bothersome since I may have more than 100 users that will use the app. Can I make some sort of configuration change so that only one session is created per user rather than per browser (as is happening now)? These sessions also remain in an "inactive" state unless a query is run. Is it also possible to start a new session only when queries need to be executed and then close the session afterwards?


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