Topic: Could not determine latest revision

I've been trying to deploy a rails app to one of my web servers with
little success. I've only been following the instructions from Agile Web

Everything seemed to go well until I got to

# rake remote:cold_deploy

Where I got the following response. (I've added --trace if it helps)

I read on another forum somewhere that you're meant to use cap cold_deploy.
But this gave a similar error:

I'm guessing there is a step that I haven't done. Perhaps a simple rake
command telling rails that we're about to go live? Or maybe I haven't
set up the production database correctly? (I have made the production
database on both my local and remote system with the same details. But
the databases themselves have no tables i.e. no scheme_info)

I'm developing and deploying on the latest Gentoo Linux. The server is
running the lastest Apache I've gone down the mongrel and proxy route,
seeing as that's the route of the book.

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Re: Could not determine latest revision

Looks like a problem with svn - do you have subversion installed?

# /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:27: command not found: svn log --no-auth-cache -q --limit 1

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Re: Could not determine latest revision

No.. I didn't.

Thanks for the tip. I had no idea I was meant to be using Subversion (or equivalent)..

Alas, I have now been spending most of the day getting that all up and running.