Topic: Best method for displaying this information

I have Organizations and Programs. Organizations have_many :programs. Programs belong_to :organization.

There are two tables, programs has an organization_id that links a program to an organization. Organizations has all the info about that organization (address, url, etc.)

Here's some representative data (except I have replaced the organization_id with the name of the Organization to make it easier to read).

CIS        |  Americorps
CIS        |  ASP/RE/Even Start
CIS        |  HACA
CIS        |  HACA Initiative
CIS        |  High School Prep/Promotion Project
CIS        |  HIPPY
CIS        |  Pebble Project
CIS        |  Smart
CIS        |  WorkSource (WIA)
CIS        |  XY-Zone
CIS        |  Youth & Family Assessment
Lifeworks  |  Counseling Group
Lifeworks  |  Healthy Choices
Lifeworks  |  HS Pregnancy Prevention
Lifeworks  |  Individual Counseling
Lifeworks  |  Teen Father Group
Lifeworks  |  Teen Mother Group
Safeplace  |  Boys Group
Safeplace  |  Elem. Bully Prevention
Safeplace  |  Girls Group
Safeplace  |  Individual Counseling
Safeplace  |  Theater Action Project

One thought I had was to show the list of organizations with the associated programs "nested" inside each organization (sort of like a UL or maybe a DL) but it seems like a table works better for sorting and what not.
CIS             address         blah            blah
  |  Americorps
  |  ASP/RE/Even Start
  |  HACA
  |  HACA Initiative
  |  High School Prep/Promotion Project
  |  HIPPY
  |  Pebble Project
  |  Smart
  |  WorkSource (WIA)
  |  XY-Zone
  |  Youth & Family Assessment
Lifeworks       address         blah            blah
  |  Counseling Group
  |  Healthy Choices
  |  HS Pregnancy Prevention
  |  Individual Counseling
  |  Teen Father Group
  |  Teen Mother Group
Safeplace       address         blah            blah
  |  Boys Group
  |  Elem. Bully Prevention
  |  Girls Group
  |  Individual Counseling
  |  Theater Action Project

But then, how (logically/from an end-user perspective) would the editing of programs work?

If using tables would I have a row with the Organization info (like what scaffold gives for list) with another row for stuffing the program table & rows into?

Your thoughts, please.