Topic: Routing error: "no route found to match"


I'm getting this exception when accessing a route that locally works perfectly. What does it mean or where can I find a reference where this is explained?

Also, this is my first time deploying in any language, could someone point me to some tutorial that explains how to do it starting from zero?

BTW, I'm hosting it at and they use DirectAdmin. Very nice people and great support through email, but I can't find any documentation on deployment with that platform.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Routing error: "no route found to match"

Chances are good that you need to 'freeze' Rails into your app.  When Rails starts it first looks to see if there's anything in vendor/rails.  If that's empty then it uses the 'gems' that are installed via rubygem.

The best way to deploy an application is to freeze the same version of rails both on your development machine and on the remote host.  Here's how you can freeze rails:

rake rails:freeze:edge TAG=rel_1-2-3

Good luck!

Re: Routing error: "no route found to match"

How can I use a command to affect the app in the remote host? It's shared hosting and they use DirectAdmin (if this helps). And sorry for the noob question.
Happy Easter.

P.S: Do I have to unfreeze it afterwards? Also, I can't find any tutorial explaining how to deploy in a shared host step by step; could you recommend me one (BTW, I just subscribed to your blog, Danger. Great stuff).

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Re: Routing error: "no route found to match"

Ideally they'll give you ssh access.  You can use a tool like putty (google 'putty download') and you can connect to your remote host.  Just give it the domain name, your username and your password and you should be able to go right in.

If your host doesn't offer ssh access you should email them and ask for it.