Topic: What would the ideal server setup be?

I have one dedicated server for all my various projects (both PHP as well as Rails) and will be getting a second server to run only the Rails apps on.

What is the ideal server setup in terms of RAM vs. Processor Speed (more RAM or more processor speed?) and should I use Apace, lighttpd, mongrel, or what?

I've got the money to afford something pretty solid...just don't know exactly what would be best.

Re: What would the ideal server setup be?

Right now I'm using lighttpd to run my apps, with apache in front.  Apache is basically just a proxy, so I can have php, java and rails on the same server.   lighty runs on port 81, and apache funnels traffic to it.

Mongrel looks good, and I think it will become a standard, but I'm always nervous to use pre release software.

I've got 7 apps running well under this configuration.  It's a 1.3Ghz proc, with 512mb of ram, so it's not a beast or anything.  If you've got money I would just basically set a budget and get the best you can for your money.  Memory will probably be a little more important than CPU.

Re: What would the ideal server setup be?

I haven't deployed yet, but from what I've been reading about it, it definitely sounds like memory is king, followed by number of CPU/cores, followed by CPU speed.  This makes sense to me given the merory footprint of Rails app servers combined with the fcgi or mongrel fanout of application servers.

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Re: What would the ideal server setup be?

You also have to keep your database's memory/CPU requirements in mind unless you plan on having a separate database server.

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