Topic: Design for blog in two languages

Hi what is peoples thoughts on building a simple blog to have posts in more than one language.

I have started buy having a content tables for the lanugages and then in the actual post table i hold id's to the actual content.

So example would be

id = 1
title = 99
body = 100

id       content
99     Hello world
100    This is the first post.

id       content
99      Hola mundo
100     esta es la premero post.

Then depending on what language the user is on i switch the content tables.

Has anyone else implemented a multi lingual app and have they used a different approach to this.


Re: Design for blog in two languages

I haven't tried them, but there's a number of plugins out there which might help.

Also see this related thread.

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Re: Design for blog in two languages

You can also check this :