Topic: Deploying Intranet App on shared file server

Hi there, so I have an intranet app that I'd like to host on a windows 2003 server. I've tried putting instant rails on our shared network drive- "the g drive" - and starting the server from the machine I'm sitting on, but that's clearly not the way to go, as the app is then being run on the local computer's memory.

How would I run the program on the shared drive so that people could see the app using a browser navigating to some address?

I've tried googling, but couldn't come up with a solution.

Re: Deploying Intranet App on shared file server

Whether the files are on a shared drive, your local hard drive, a cdrom, or something else makes no difference with the website.  Everything depends on where the server software is running and on what port.

So if you want people to see this website by browsing to the computer that you put the files on you'll need to start the web server on that computer.  And if you want them to be able to see it at http://computername rather than http://computername:3000 you'll need to set the server to run on port 80.

Does that help any?

Re: Deploying Intranet App on shared file server

Thanks Danger,

That's definitely pointing me in the right direction. So to repeat that back to you, I've just gotta run the app on a program that everyone can directly access. Makes sense.

Re: Deploying Intranet App on shared file server

Totally.  As long as it's running on a server that people can access you'll be fine :-)

If you run it on Linux (or any *nix) you'll be doing this via SSH command-line scripting.  If you do it on Windows you'll want to use a Remote Desktop Connection to log in and manage stuff.

Good luck!