Topic: Mongrel and Capistrano backslash paths in Windows

I'm trying to use mongrel and capistrano on a windows machine
I have my rails projects saved under D:\rails

Where many tutorials suggest /deploy/path/current or home/blah/blah
Do I put in D:\rails?

And is there any rules about using backslashes and forward slashes? Perhaps in replacement of backslashes with two forward slashes?
As when I use backslashes in capistrano's deploy.rb file, it act differently.

For example, where between "" all text is green apart from #{application} which is white, when using forward slashes, in the case of using backslashes #{application} remains green. Does this mean that #{application} no longer works as it should?

Or have I been doing something seriously wrong?

Many thanks.

Also, I'm just trying to get a large database to work with my local computer. I have found many tutorials on making it work on remote servers. I get up to the part of rake remote:setup or cold_deploy and it's not going to work as I do not want it on a server...

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