Topic: Rails backup

Hello, this is something I've been giving some thought.
Lets say that in my database.yml file, I am connected to a certain database for development and production. Is it also possible to run backups of all the data in this database periodically to another database?
Say at a certain time of the day?
And is it possible to make this smart? i.e don't update everything only new data.
Any suggestions?

Re: Rails backup

It is possible. You would have to use something like cron to manage the running of the backup script. It would actually be a ruby script rather than a Rails application. I do not have any code to show you, but I do not think it would be difficult to pull off.

Of course, it might just be easier to look at a way to backup your data using the DBMS rather than Rails. Right tool for the job, so to speak.

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Re: Rails backup

What you want sounds like how master/slave database servers typically work. I'd read up on how to do it for your particular DBMS.

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