Topic: Strange problem with Gruff not always displaying graph


I am having a strange problem with Gruff not always displaying the grpah on the page. On some pages, the graph is displayed fine. On others, however, I just get the number relating to the id of the requested item - in my case, report.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I have the following in my controller:

def create_graph

     g =
     g.title = "Reports"

     g.theme = {
       :colors => ['#CC0000', '#00CC00', '#cc6633', '#cc9966', '#99cc99'],
       :marker_color => 'black',
       :background_colors => ['#FAFAFA', '#FAFAFA']

      report_number = []
      labels = []

     @report = User.find(session[:user]).reports.find(params[:id])
     @records = @report.report_items.find(:all, :conditions => [ "report_context = 'Required'" ] )

      for report_items in @records
        report_number << report_item.amount.to_i
    labels <<
      end"Reports", report_number)
      g.labels = labels

    :disposition => 'inline',
    :type => 'image/png',
    :filename => "report_img.png")


Then, in the view, I have the following:

<%= image_tag url_for(:controller => 'reports', :action => 'create_graph', :id => @report) %>