Topic: toolbocks/datebocks with ajax prototype error

Hi, im using latest version of whats now called datetime toolbocks (3.03)

It works fine on a regular page, but when I put into an ajax popuplated div I get the following:

his.element has no properties
initialize("DatetimeToolbocksTaskVduedateContainer", "<div class="DatetimeToolbocks">\n <ul>\n <li class="DatetimeToolbocksInput"><input value="2008-04-...")prototype.js (line 1626)
create()prototype.js (line 23)
_createHtml()datetime_toolbock... (line 190)
initialize(Object elementId=DatetimeToolbocksTaskVduedate)datetime_toolbock... (line 131)
create()prototype.js (line 23)
evalScripts("\n new DatetimeToolbocks({ \n elementId:"DatetimeToolbocksTaskVduedate", inputName:"ta...")prototype.js (line 212)
collect("\n new DatetimeToolbocks({ \n elementId:"DatetimeToolbocksTaskVduedate", inputName:"ta...", 0)prototype.js (line 367)
(no name)("\n new DatetimeToolbocks({ \n elementId:"DatetimeToolbocksTaskVduedate", inputName:"ta...")prototype.js (line 328)
_each(function())prototype.js (line 541)
each(function())prototype.js (line 326)
collect(function())prototype.js (line 366)
evalScripts()prototype.js (line 212)
(no name)()prototype.js (line 1171)
[Break on this error] if (this.adjacency && this.element.insertAdjacentHTML) {

It says error in prototype.js line 1626. I have seen ohter people with this issue. Any ideas, im a javascript newbie.

My only thinking was if it works without ajax, then its either,
a.) encoding issue?
b.) ordering issue, where the script is being exectued..