Topic: Newbie question (boolean)

I want to pass the parameter FALSE in a post request then ruby seems to understand it as a string which acts as TRUE.

Is there a clean Ruby way of avoiding


(and sorry if the question has been raised thousands of times I could not find the google expression to show it)

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Re: Newbie question (boolean)

params are always strings, so I don't think so. You *might* be able to use 0 and 1, but I doubt that will be handled any different. You'll have to pick a value and see if it equals that like you are doing.

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Re: Newbie question (boolean)

You could always wrap it with eval, but that's not clean or safe.

As in, don't even try, because wrapping a params with eval is one of the most unsafe things you can do.

What you have is pretty much as clean as you'll get it.

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