Topic: Alternatives to PDF::Writer?

Anyone have experience with or know of other pure-ruby PDF libraries like PDF::Writer?  I'm running into some serious performance problems with PDF::Writer.  Unfortunately, if I can't find a satisfactory PDF solution, my latest project won't be able to use Rails.  Before anyone suggests it, there are some architectural hurdles to implementing an external (e.g. a webservice) PDF solution in another language.

Re: Alternatives to PDF::Writer?

Why does it need to be pure Ruby? If you go with a C solution (like PDFlib) it will have much better performance. There's a tutorial on using PDFlib (part1, part2).

Hmm, but apparently that site's not responding. Maybe google has a page cache you could try....

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Re: Alternatives to PDF::Writer?

I suppose it doesn't have to be pure Ruby.  I prefer it though as I tend to develop on a windows machine and deploy to linux so it tends to make for painless portability.  I'll have a look at those though.

Re: Alternatives to PDF::Writer?

Just as a follow up...

PDFlib rocks!  The Ruby binding is excellent and it's very, very fast.  I'd definately recommend this to anyone hitting a performance wall with PDF::Writer.  Thanks for the suggestion, Ryan!