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Hi, this is hopefully a simple question:

So far I've been running my app only in development mode.  I'm ready to run it in production mode.  What I have set up currently is the following:  loads up the production environment  loads up the development environment

My question is this:  as I change code for this app, and create and modify the database structure, I would like to be able to test all those changes with the development environment and apply them to the production environment only when I know that they are working.  However, if I run "rake db:migrate", won't it update the development, testing, and production databases?  How can I tell it to only update the first two, and then update the third at a later stage?

How are you supposed to run a development and a testing environment at the same time on the same machine?

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Normally Rails uses a spearate database for the different environments. Check out the database.yml file, you can specify a different database to use for each environment. I believe "rake db:migrate" will only migrate the development database unless you specify elsewhere.

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Re: Basic Deployment / Production question

set the environment variable

see the bottom of this page: … Migrations

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Re: Basic Deployment / Production question

rake db:migrate runs in development mode.
To use the test environment
rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test

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Thanks all, your answers have been very helpful.