Topic: Static Sites

I have more a theory question than a coding problem.  I'm wondering if anybody uses rails to develop static sites?  I read the part in the rails recipe book about it and I'm wondering if there are any major benefits to doing this.  The first thing I thought of was the ability to use partials and the template system.  Any thoughts on other benefits and if it's wroth it?


Re: Static Sites

How complex is the site? If it's only a few static pages, then I would suggest just sticking with that - static pages. It is just so much easier to deploy and all hosts support it. If you just want to use something like partials/include files, you can do this with pretty much any language. PHP is still easier to deploy than Rails apps, so I'd stick with something like that.

That said, if the site is somewhat complicated and you may start adding dynamic content where it seems to fit. I'd say sure! Give Rails a try, especially if you want to use it as a learning experience.

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