Re: Application architecture best practices

This warning isn't about observers themselves, but the method "observer". Instead of defining observers in the controller with that call, you need to mention them in the environment file. See the docs for details.

Observers aren't going anywhere.

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Re: Application architecture best practices

Wow!!! What an education!  Thanks sooo much pimpmaster, dbit_solutions, ryanb, and raif.  I can honestly state that that I am in awe at the quality of thought and support from the railsforum community, as well as the power and beauty of Ruby and Rails.  I feel like I am cheating because in reading your excellent explanations of the different ways of approaching this design, I felt (and am still feeling) a glimpse of the joy of programming with Ruby and Rails that Matz, DHH, Hal Fulton and others have written of -- without writing a single line of code (for this app).  Thank you!  This is the best motivation I have seen for taking a leap of faith with RESTful design.

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