Topic: Good book to learn Ruby?

I keep toying around with the idea of Ruby and Rails and every time I try to get my head around Rails, I keep feeling there is something missing that I should be knowing. For instance, many books and tutorials start talking about link_to and link_to_remote helpers and the sort. How does one get to know that such things even exist? Do you just sit and read through the complete rails documentation?

Anyways, my plan is to first learn Ruby well. Are there any books that you would suggest to learn Ruby?

Re: Good book to learn Ruby?

If you aren't very familiar with programming, check out learn to program. If you are, check out beginning ruby and the pickaxe book.

After you are comfortable with Ruby, check out AWDwR and Build Your Own Rails App for a good intro  to rails.

Railscasts - Free Ruby on Rails Screencasts

Re: Good book to learn Ruby?

Cool.. Thanks