Topic: lighttpd, rails, fastcgi problem


I use Lighttpd, Rails, FastCGI and syscp. But when trying to start dispatch.fcgi i get error (File not found).
Here is confs etc:

Re: lighttpd, rails, fastcgi problem

Asked from lighttpd irc and one person said that in his opinion lighttpd conf , fastcgi is alright and there's something wrong with rails.

Actually i think same, because when i used apache then .htaccess said where i made ln -s. Lighttpd dosen't read .htaccess, right? smile.

Still cant get it smile.
"File not found" was generated by 404.html file. So rails works almoust.
But... If I open dispatch.fcgi i get 404 error. Same for .rb, .cgi, 500.html. Even, if i create info.php to public dir it still gives me 404 error. I can open only pictures, directories and robots.txt. Its really weird imo.

Used alias and needed to add rewrite rule. Its ok now smile.
Atleast i had fun for writing tongue.

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