Topic: Shovel

I've been struggling for weeks to get my app deployed on TextDrive using Capistano.

This is the approach/recipe I have been using:

My first question is: Is this even a good approach to use. I'm not sure if it's out of date or still used.

I can get it to run and it seems to install everything ok, but I can't get the app to come up in a browser. It seems to install everything into a releases folder with the date and time stamp. I'm wondering how I can ever point to one of those releases to get it running.

Again, I'm very new to all of this and I am really struggling to get my app deployed on TextDrive and almost to point where I'm doing to give up and try a different host. Any help or pointers to resources for deploy via Capistrano/SVN would be appreciated.


P.S. Here are 2 things I know I have set up correctly, just in case you were wondering if I'm missing something fundamental: I have a lighty port #. I have a SVN respos.