Topic: SciTE with Ruby support

Hi guys,

I have spent the whole day trying to implement the Ruby support into SciTE using Mitchell's Caladbolg Lua scripts. The instructions are here:

I have managed to get the snippets working, but I think I am missing a lot of features:
- automatic "end" completion for if, def, unless...
- Calltip
- ability to run a Ruby script in a console from within SciTE: right click "run in console"

Did someone successfully implement all the features into SciTE?

I am running Windows XP, and Mitchell's config files were for Linux. I think I edited all the files related to windows but maybe I missed something.

Re: SciTE with Ruby support

I would appreciate if someone could explain how to install the snippets as well.. I have not really managed to figure it out.

Is there any "walkthrough" or something available how to get SciTE running with all the special features for Ruby/Rails.