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I have recently started developing a browser based massively multiplayer strategy game.
I've split it in two parts:
the UI for users to issue order and read reports
the turn calculation with the update of economic and demographic data, and the processing of battles. This part should run continuously in the background.

I've used Rails for the "UI" part, where players will issue order and read reports, but I'm not too sure about how to handle the other part.
I was thinking about using ruby+active record + C API(for the heaviest calculations). Can I use rails directly to handle this? And wouldn't the use of the C API make finding a host very hard?

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I remember seeing an article somewhere about how easy it is to write C libraries for Ruby, but I don't really know.  As far as running BG processes, you're looking for Rails Runner.

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Was it this? … s-100.html

(Or this goes a bit more in depth:

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Re: background server processing

Yeah, it was the ruby inside one.

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thank you, I'll have a look