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I am looking for a cheap VPS Rails host with 128 Megs or more. The cheapest one I've found so far costs $14 per month. Can anybody recommend one?

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I use Slicehost.  They are not as cheap as the one you referenced, but they are reliable and responsive with a very active and helpful community.  Here is their pricing:

Plan        RAM       Storage Bandwidth  Monthly Price
256slice   256MB  10GB       100GB      $20 sign up
512slice   512MB  20GB       200GB      $38 sign up
1024slice  1024MB 40GB       400GB      $70 sign up

Good luck!

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I'd recommend Slicehost as well, they are so good they have a waiting list smile - Personal Web-Technology-Blog, Los Angeles.

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I would recommend slicehost as well, I just started using them a couple of weeks ago. I am still in the process of setting up my slice so I can't say how good or reliable their service is once I have users but so far, the support has been decent. However, you are likely to experience long wait time to get a slice if you sign up for the 3-month $20/month plan. I started out with trying to get that slice and my wait time extended from 4 weeks to 9 weeks, then to 8, to 7, 4 and back up to 5 weeks. So unless you don't mind waiting indefinitely (it felt that way to me), don't sign  up for the 3-month $20/month plan. My position improved considerably once I change from 3-month to the 6-month plan, I got it in a few days though I can't guarantee that you will get it that quickly but suffice to say it should improve your chances of getting a slice more quickly.

Be aware that you are prepaying for all of the 3 (or x) months plan when you sign up for it. You have up to 1 month after getting the slice to cancel and they will refund the remainder of your prepayment to you. I am not sure what happens if I decide to cancel after 1 month, I suppose I won't be getting the remainder of my money so use your 1st month wisely.

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I just signed up with Slicehost, and everything seems really great so far.