Topic: Radio twitter2

My first post was not clear and you guys asked a lot of questions privately. So here it is again but I hope clearer. Thanks.

Looking at twitter public timeline here: , I am always fascinated by the sheer number of people who are posting interesting messages (musings, poetry, live news, etc) from all over the world. And a good way to feel it, is to watch twittervision here: It's a kind of addicting but following it too long is not good for your other social activities. That's where radio twitter comes in. It's just as if you tune in to your favorite radio and listen to the messages which are read by digital voices, like in this rough example:
There are plenty of ways to customize it (adding background music, choosing messages in a specific language, twitter or/and Jaiku, etc) and I am looking for a partner who is not afraid of taking over all the technical side of radio twitter. I will deal with everything else including bills.