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I am trying to publish commercial content in phases that span weeks.

From the moment a new digital product is posted, the following chain of events takes place:

Exclusive Release Immediately an email is sent to privileged members so they can get an exclusive preview and provide feedback. They receive download links (that expire after a month) and a link to a feedback form.

Promo Release Exactly one week later the product shows up on the site at an elevated promo price and mail subscribers get notified.

Final Release One week after that, the product price falls to normal and an email is sent to subscribers containing some of the reviews collected in the first phase.

Now here is the fun part. The admin gets to choose which phase of deployment the product is in with a select menu. Half of his catalog has already been released so this means we will need a fourth option

Archived Release No mail is sent out and product immediately shows up on the site at regular price.

If the admin chooses archive option, a date field must pop up to override the Final Release date.

I have a vague idea of where to start. Callbacks will definitely have to be my hook. Here is a rough outline of what I am thinking so far.

Edit: Removed painfully disfunctional code

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Re: Timed Releases

Researched this a bit more and it seems this functionality is outside the realm of Rails. Am I really the first RoR Junkie to need this feature?

Apparently so

I been chatting with the very savvy folks on IRC#merb and it seems like some sort of BackgrounDRB hack would be necessary to get what I need. They pretty much echoed my idea of using callbacks, but also said I could require DRB scheduling at the method level...which I found really interesting.

I'm poking with BackgrounDRB source right now and hope to get some dialogue going with Ezra on the best way to work this wizardry.

More details to follow...

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