Topic: N00b WEBrick question

Hi all,

I'm running my app on localhost, and everything is swell. When I connect to it thru http://localhost:3000/, it works perfectly.

However, I want to keep running it and try to connect to the server from another computer, substituting my IP address instead of "localhost", it's giving me "Unable to connect" error message.

What am I doing wrong? I'm running an app under Windows XP, using WEBrick. I am behind a router, but I know I'm using the right IP address.

I know it's not the firewall, because I turned it off and tried again. What am I missing here?

Thank you!

Re: N00b WEBrick question

The router acts as a firewall on it's own.  So even if your software firewall is off you're still blocked.

What you need to do is configure the 'virtual servers' or 'virtual ports' or 'port forwarding' (every router calls it something different) on your router.   Right now the router drops every incoming request.  You need to tell it that if a request comes to a certain port to send it to your computer.