Topic: Rails Conf Europe 07

Anyone going? I'd love to go but with Future of Web Apps ( the next month I can't really justify it at the moment.

Re: Rails Conf Europe 07

I would love to go there, because I actually appear to live right in the middle of that city... smile
But I will go to university at the end of August and thus won't be there.

If you haven't been to Berlin before that would definitely be the reason for you to go there (well, apart from the conference wink).

BTW - those ticket prices are pretty high! Would it nonetheless be worth it to come there as a newbie programmer?

Re: Rails Conf Europe 07

Aww... I just checked the dates again. Thought it's over the weekend, but it's from Monday to Wednesday. I hope my boss gives me some time off so I can go back home to Germany for that time. The tutorials and sessions look really promising. Loads of things I actually would need right now already, hehe.

Regarding those ticket prices, I think they are actually very fair. Consider that during the sessions, key people in the field share their expertise with you! That knowledge may be worth a couple of grand in your next web application.
Also, it's a conference and not a convention. The program looks very high profile and with it very tiresome in case you want to attend all lectures. Consider this like being at work wink