Topic: opening a port to localhost?

We are developing our health care web surveys using rails and are in need of a way to have the researchers look over the surveys as we program them.

Unfortunately each survey has to approved by a review board before it can be launched and while we are awaiting approval we using do our testing to ensure we coded all the variables, etc correctly. While the survey is out for review we can not make any changes to it.

Because we run multiple rails projects on our hosting account, we can't have another version online for testing. Ideally I would like to open a port to the mongrel server running on my machine and have those who need to test put my ip address and port number into their browser...
something like - 10.20.300.400:3002

I can't figure out how to make this work with the windows firewall on (which I don't have the ability to turn off).

Any ideas on the best way to handle this?

Re: opening a port to localhost?

Try managing exceptions in the firewall settings.