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i've noticed that ruby on rails only have few supports when it comes to resources and tutorials. maybe alot but its all the same. i found many but its like a copy paste issues...

i wonder how's the community of the ruby on rails. im really looking for resources and good tutorials that can help me develop my web based applications..

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There are loads of great resources out there. My personal picks would be Ryan's Railscasts and PlanetRubyOnRails.


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I find that I can search out just about anything I want to do in rails by just going to google and typing "rails [whatever the problem is]". The only time I can't is when something falls outside of "normal" Rails development, for example using SQL Server or web services as my data source instead of say MySQL. But even then I can usually work it out by reading the documentation for my database/API/whatever.

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And you could aways ask questions here at Rails Forum. wink

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Thanks for the information big_smile

im having problem on my rails application and cannot resolve. I already search and try to follow the instructions but it fails. it's about the login engine and im loosing hope for this one.. if someone can help, i would appreciate it so much.. I already post this problem and hoping that someone can help me big_smile

Thanks again for the replies...
Each replies enlighten me...