Topic: Installing with "Instant Rails"

Hello everyone. I am new to RoR as well as to this forum. I hope the experience will be good. Alright, just one quick question: I want to install RoR and it looked like that the "Instant Rails" was a good way to do it (a packaged solution with RoR+Apache Server+MySQL). Problem is that I already have a WAMP development environment, so I am not going to need Apache and MySQL again. I guess the question is if there is another recommended way to download and install RoR only, without Apache+MySQL. Also, would re-installing Apache+MySQL on top of my existing setup cause any problems?  Many thanks for any insight.

Re: Installing with "Instant Rails"

I've been running Instant Rails with other Ruby installs, but not Apache, etc.  Instant Rails is contained within one directory and it doesn't seem to care what else is installed on my system.  It's like a little development microcosm.  You don't actually install Apache/MySQL, etc, it all runs magically.

If I were you I'd download and unzip it and see how it works smile