Topic: Problem installing Rails in OSX

First of all, I'm doing this on a dialup connection.
Secondly, I've done this flawlessly on Windows XP multiple times
I'm using this tutorial: … -mysql-osx

When I get to the step to install Rails through gems I type in Terminal:
sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies
after it takes awhile going out to update off of gems.rubyforge.something it comes back and says that it cannot find a gem called rails on any repository.
It does this every time.
I've tried manually downloading the rails-1.2.3.gem file and installing off that but then I don't get the dependencies, and the very first one it tells me to install (application-something) installs fine as version 1.4.2, but then when I try to install rails again it tells me it needs that same application-something gem but this time version 1.15.3 instead...
anyone ever had these problems?
could it have anything to do with me doing this over dialup?

Re: Problem installing Rails in OSX

Pselus wrote:

could it have anything to do with me doing this over dialup?

I think so. I get this message when doing it over a slow DSL connection. It usually works on the 2nd time I run the command. My guess is that it's timing out before it updates the list of available gems. Try running the command several times and see if it finally works.

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Re: Problem installing Rails in OSX

Btw, is the description at hivelogic (link from the first post in this thread) still the 'recommended' way of installing rails? I know I had problems installing rails without XCode some months ago (my hard disk was so full I had no free space for xcode left), and as I'm switching to a new Mac in a few days I'll have to reinstall everything. So, shall I use Fink/DarwinPorts/MacPorts? Any other link you'd want to share that might be newer?