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Hi everyone,

My first post on this forum. Moved over to Ruby/Rails after hitting my head against a brick wall doing ASP.NET and C# winforms - which I still have to use at work for some projects :-(

Right, cut to the chase.  I'm not really sure where to post this question on this forum but here goes:

Can any of you guys out there in Rails world recommend a decent hosting provider in the UK who supports Rails?  In an ideal world the platform would be RHEL or Debian (Sarge) and the db MySQL. I've googled this for hours and can't really find anything.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance and thanks for reading.


Re: Rails Hosting in the UK

Here is Ruby on Rails' Rails Web Hosts list. I did a find on the page for 'Debian' and got three matches.


Re: Rails Hosting in the UK

I couldn't recommend Slicehost any more highly. They're very very good.

Re: Rails Hosting in the UK

If you're looking for something more heavyweight though, Brighbox are very good.


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