Topic: Did I need a template to test an action ?!

I'm writing a test to an action, but instead of being faild, an error is raised:

ActionController::MissingTemplate: Missing template /home/railsroller/rails_app/trunk/config/../app/views/expertises/create.rhtml

And when creating an empty template, I'm having a failure (expected).

The problem is that I'm calling the action from a template of an other controller, so I don't need a template for the tested action, did creating empty templates just for testing have drawbacks ? or can I do better ?

Re: Did I need a template to test an action ?!

I am no expert.
when you test a controller, you are likely to assert results that are presented in the template.

But if you don't care about the result presented in the view, but just some side effects from your controller's action(like your model is saved), you can probably take out the part with side effect and unit-test that part alone.