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Ok, so I've gotten my models and controllers done, my css is for the most part finished, and I delayed worrying about roles and rights until the end. Well, it's the end now, and I need to start implementing this authorization and access. Once again, I'm not sure where to put stuff.

Right now, I have all password functionality in the user controller and model. It has made the controller very unRESTful, as you might expect. How should I code the "welcome" part? What I mean is, should I pull the login functionality from my users model and put it elsewhere?

What I'm looking at is a welcome screen that has the username password partial. If the user is logged in, that gets replaced by a navigation menu. The site can't be accessed (except the welcome screen) by non logged in users.

Should I build some kind of welcome controller? How about all of the password functionality (lost password, change password)?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Design Approach Redux

I am far from a rails expert but I would create a login controller. Agile Web Development with Rails does it this way and it has worked great for me.

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Re: Design Approach Redux

You may want to use the restful authentication plugin. If nothing else, this will show you how to create a restful SessionsController.

As for the welcome page, it's hard to say where it should go without know exactly what it does. It may belong in its own non-RESTful controller.

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