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I'm very new to Rails and am just beginning my first attempt at a rails application. Initially I tried to cobble something together by following the tutorial on, the tutorial worked fine; but when I tried to introduce my own tables I kept getting 'nil object' errors.

Most of the advice I could find indicated problems with foreign keys, so rather than create my tables & keys manually I decided to use Rails migrations to handle it all for me.

Now I've just written a migration script and used rake to do the migration - all worked fine. My question is: Where can I find a list of the supported data types (object types?) I can use in my migration script?

Here's my migration code:

class Myvalues < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def self.up
    create_table "myvalues" do |t|
    t.column "description", :string

  def self.down
    drop_table "myvalues"

Pretty simple, huh?

However this produces a varchar(255) in my MySQL database and all I really wanted was a varchar(50).

I will also want to provide MySQL text fields, floats, dates, times, enums etc. Can these be done using migrations?

Is there any way to specify default values and turn on / off NULLS?

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Re: Migrations and Data Types

Yes to all. You can find the docs here.

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Re: Migrations and Data Types

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