Topic: Rails on OSX


I have used this site to setup Rails -

Now I presume all I do is go into Terminal and then press

$ rails expenses

But it says this:

-bash: $: command not found

Any advice?

Re: Rails on OSX

You don't need the dollar sign. Just: "rails expenses". The dollar sign just represents this is a bash shell command.

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Re: Rails on OSX

Yeah, I usually get the answer in between posting and reading. smile

I've just ordered Agile book, so hopefully that will speed up the learning curve.


Re: Rails on OSX

I've just installed it on OS X using Locomotive - very simple and easy to do  - built the Expenses app in about 30 mins.

I too ordered the Agile book wink

Re: Rails on OSX

I actual made it through that OSX tutorial over the weekend. I bought the Agile book as well, but reading 'Lean to Program' also from 'Pragmatic' first to get a bit of background on Ruby itself before diving into Rails.