Topic: RH9 VPS env for Rails

Hi guys, I am thinking on getting a 256MB RAM VPS to run Rails apps exclusively, and I wanted to ask here for advice on how to set the whole thing up.

Which server do you recommend (Apache? Mongrel? lighttpd?)

SQLite or MySQL?

There will be no control panel (duh!) and I will want - most probably - to host multiple domains on this server in the near-future.

Cheers, Gerhard.

Re: RH9 VPS env for Rails

If you really have total control I'd go with the following:

PostgreSQL or MySQL (both are speedy and solid)
Pound to handle incoming requests
Mongrel to run the actual application.

Mongrel is an awesome server but it only does one app at a time and only one request at a time.  Because of this it's best to set up a bunch of them (you can spread them across your apps) and connect them all to Pound.  Pound takes incoming requests and spreads them across the Mongrel servers.