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Sorry for being a bother, but I just installed Ruby on Rails on my personal computer for local testing purposes and while not a big deal, i'm having a small problem.

I can create projects just fine with $ rails [projecthere]
however when I try to add a controller $ ruby script/generate controller [controllerhere] I just seem to get a "ruby --no such file or directory" which leads me to believe it wasn't installed correctly maybe?

any ideas?


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This is, perhaps, trying to link to /usr/bin/ruby which doesn't exist. usr/bin/ruby1.8 does, and if you make a symbolic link to this, like so:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ruby1.8 /usr/bin/ruby

this may fix your problem.

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What are you using Windows, Linux or Mac? Did you follow any installation instructions? Are you using Instant Rails, or Locmotive? Maybe follow some good instructions on how to setup ruby and rails on your environment and you should be up and running.

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Actually thanks for the reply but I have solved my problem.  It mainly stemmed from my stupidity, forgetting to realize that of course to run a ruby command I had to be running from the directory of my project.

Also as a P.S., i'm on Windows