Topic: RESTful design and RJS

I am struggling with this problem where rails fails to perform route mapping on partial reload. I am simply using a remote_form_for to update a remote resource object. But I receive the error below ONLY after invoking an RJS reload on that partial. I mean the partial works fine on the first load but fails when it gets reloaded after the resource update. Anyone faced that before ?

Error dump:

ActionView::TemplateError (comment_url failed to generate from {:post_type=>"messages", :post_id=>"10", :action=>"show", :controller=>"comments"}, expected: {:action=>"show", :controller=>"comments"}, diff: {:post_type=>"messages", :post_id=>"10"}) on line #14 of app/views/comments/_comment.rhtml:
11:   <div id="edit_comment_form_<>" style="display: none;">
12:       <%# Creates a hidden Ajax-enabled edit form with a fallback to regular form submission %>
13:       <% remote_form_for :comment,
14:                          :url => comment_url({:post_type => post_type, :post_id => @post}, comment ),
15:                          :html => { :action => comment_url({:post_type => post_type, :post_id => @post}, comment) },
16:                          :before => "$('spinner').show()",
17:                          :complete => "$('spinner').hide(); $('edit_comment_form_#{}').hide();", :method => 'put' do |c| %>