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I'm pleased to report that I got my pet project - El Dorado - finished up enough (when is anything ever truly finished?) to launch last weekend. So far, things are looking pretty good. I successfully imported an existing PunBB database from the forum I had running, and I also grabbed all of the user-uploaded files, etc. The resulting database has around 35k rows, and it's been up and running without any major problems for a week now. The best part is that my "loyal user base" - of 15 people or so - has found little to complain about so far. Rejoice!

You can check the live app out, and you can also checkout (as in 'svn co') the app if you're interested in playing around with it. Since I created this app to replace an existing site, you'll notice right away that there's some obvious stuff missing - in particular, there's no way to create new forums. I suppose I'll do that when somebody says to me "hey, Trevor, how do you make a new forum with this stupid thing?" But, until that day...

El Dorado: - the code
NewAthens: - the live site running on the code
PunBB: - the php forum app that the code is replacing

Known Issues:
Future Enhancements:
Refactoring Ideas:

My weblog and support forum:

I understand that some of you folk are working on their own project, but perhaps you'll be able to pick something interested up out of this one. The importing rake task is somewhat ugly, but it gets the job done and is certainly worth checking out. I'm fairly happy with the cached_fields stuff I'm doing for tracking the latest posts, etc. Anyway, if and when you guys publish your code, I'll be all over it, since I know there are areas in this app that could have been done better.

I don't intend for this app to be a simple "rails replacement for punbb," which I should make clear. I think of it more as an app for running a "community site," meaning I'd like to add more major features, which you can glean from the future enhancements list I linked to above.

I'd absolutely love to get some feedback about this. It's very easy to download and get up and running, simply have a look at the README file. Patches more than welcome.

- Trevor

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Good one, I'll get you some feedback soon!

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I'm pleased to announce the first public release of El Dorado: a full-stack community web application written in Ruby/Rails.

The app features a forum, community event calendar, shared file storage, and a randomized header image gallery.

It can import content from existing sites running PunBB. The forum is somewhat modeled on PunBB, and is nearly feature complete.

I've been using this app in production since late July '07. The setup/administration process still leave something to be desired, but the end-user functionality is quite well tested.

In terms of PunBB features, I don't think the power-user will be fully satisfied. There not much in the way of user administration tools (post throttling, ip-banning) and some major features are still not implemented (subscriptions). However, the basics are pretty solid, and the regular users of my small forum have been satisfied for a while now.

Please have a look and let me know what you think!

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Very cool!  We're definitely keeping an eye on this one for use here (some of those power user features are a must before we could adopt it, though). smile

Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

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This might be a dumb question, I haven't read all of the doco on ElDorado.

Since ElDorado runs on a PunBB database is it possible to use both the PunBB front end and the ElDorado front end at the same time??

That would allow a thorough testing and review of ElDorado against a production system while still preserving the old system if ElDorado needs some polishing.

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Josh: I'd definitely be interested in working with the kind folk at Railsforum to see what it would take to make El Dorado usable over here. I'm totally open to a bringing on new contributers and such, so please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

jbartels: That's a good idea, and something I considered. However, I didn't build it this way. Because of Rails conventions (e.g. storing user_id to identify the user who created a post), I decided to not go that route. In hindsight, I might have been able to re-map those columns or create phantom attributes or something, but I didn't. Going into the project, I decided to stick with Rails conventions rather than worrying about carrying over a legacy database and related cruft.