Topic: Forum / links problem (SeoFilter ?)

Is something broken with the forum?

(SeoFilter problem maybe ?)  (When was this installed?)

(Also when I submit the post .. it says ."thank you... redirecting .." and is generating an apparently bogus link 'http://viewtopic__pid-34482.html/'

If I do a search for 'links', I'm getting :


as the result

and e.g.

from this thread

clicking on this link :

gives me  :



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Re: Forum / links problem (SeoFilter ?)

Yeah, it was a SEO Filter issue. I'm removing it for the time being, since I found some other issues with it.

vinnie - rails forum admin

Re: Forum / links problem (SeoFilter ?)

Everythings working again now smile

That seems to have been an easy fix / surgery wink  (Which is either a good testimony to A) Punbb (ease of configuration) ... B)Seofilter (ease of install/un-install) or C) your vast software wizardry)...  (I'm thinking it's probably mostly "C"  smile


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Re: Forum / links problem (SeoFilter ?)

Nah, it was all B...for SEOfilter's quirks, it is really easy to install/remove.

vinnie - rails forum admin