Topic: problem searching dynamic strings with acts_as_ferret

Hi Guys,

I am using acts_as_ferret and multi_search method in it, when I search for Cass I get the result, but I want to get Cass even if I type Cas or Ca or just C. How can we use the LIKE operator for this serach in acts_as_ferret?

I am listing the method here:

def search_names

    @users = User.available_users
      @user = User.find(session[:user_id])
   @query = params[:query] || ''
  @total, @users = User.multi_search(@query, [ WorkProfile ], :page => (params[:page]||1))     
     @pages = pages_for(@total)
  unless @query.blank?
    @results = User.find_by_contents @query


Could you please help me with this...