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Josh is going to yell at me because I owe him work, but in truth, I did all but a couple of hours of this last night when I couldn't get to his site to work on it.

I've been toying wiht rails off and on for a bit but never did anything too serious with it. The other day, I went to bill a bunch of clients and was going to use the online billing app I did in PHP a while back.... at least... I thought I'd finished it. It turned out that it was only halfway done.

I kind of really needed it, because I had a lot to manage and have a lot more coming up over the next few months. An online billing system would help a lot, even a simple one. So, I decided to start over with Rails and see if I could completely redo it in the amount of time it would have taken me to finish half-done PHP one.

Turns out that was very possible, even having to learn as I went.

Ok, I'm seriously hooked. Even though what I ended up building was very simple, i still learned a ton and ahd a lot of fun doing it. It all came together so well, too.

There is still more I want to do-- e-mail reminders, instant payment notification, better bill item management, but I just don't have time to do any of that right now. I really do need to devote my time to other things.

This is going to motivate me to hurry up and get those finished, though, so I can say goodbye to PHP for a while.

For anyone who's interested, here are some screenshots. These are from the admin perspective. The user view is very similar, but they don't get the yellow (admin) nav bar and can only log in to view their own bills and update their contact info/password.

Man, that was fun.

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This is seriously your first Rails app? Awesome job!

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Well, I'd made one little thing before, but all it did was store and display records from two database tables, with some styling on the default scaffolding.

Also, thank you. smile

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I'm working on my first app today - a Task Manager (imaginative huh?!). Screenshot of visual = click

Ideally, the entire app will run from that one screen using Ajax to update/edit/add elements. We'll see how it goes today smile

And well done to Kelli - as usual - a nice design for a great looking app. smile What do you use at the moment? PHP? If so, you sound like your in the same position as me - have lots of other jobs to do but playing with Rails is so much more fun atm. wink

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Yah, that's pretty much how I feel about it. I have a lot of PHP projects that I have to finish, but I'm enjoying rails much more than PHP. PHP isn't something I'll abandon entirely, but I'll probably shift over and start doing new things in RoR whenever possible.

This is a product of: 1. rails is just starting to make a lot of sense and I really like how the framework works. 2. It's learning/doing something new which is a welcome break.

Thanks for the comments. smile Your task manager is looking quite nice as well.

Now, to celebrate the completion of my first rails project (and, you know... pick up a friend), I'm off to the West Virginia rail yards to wait on a train.

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I'll echo what ryan said. Nice job.

You too, shadow, looking good.

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Hows it going Kelli? Having fun with it?

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Got to put it to use on my first client today. tongue Worked well.

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im soooo proud of you! and jealous because i have had NO time to dive into anything serious at all.


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Haha. I didn't have time either.

I do still have one bug in it to fix. It borks up when editing other people's profiles from the admin section, but I think that's just one instance of a misplaced variable.


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That looks really good Kelli!

I love the logo too so if you did that, kudos to you!

I'm still thinking about what to put in my first real app.  I can't wait to post it on here though and show it off in all its glory.

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Im in agreemant here, looks very cool.  Like blinking8s I too don't have much time todo what I want to do, but I likie those moments when I actually find the time to do stuff and get stuff done rather than constantly weonder what to do next.  Using Trac to try and gather my thoughts on a few things, too many things to do, too little time to do them all in.