Topic: page.visual_effect not working...

I am using ajax to add comments to peoples messages via model boxes (using Control.modal). Basically the user clicks 'add comment' and a modal box fades in that contains a remote_form_for field.

Once the comment is saved the following .rjs is triggered causing the modal box to fade out, insert the new comment at the bottom and then trigger a highlight effect. Everything works fine except for the highlight effect.

Any ideas why?

[code = ruby]
#close modal window "Control.Modal.close"
#wait one second for fade out of modal
page.delay(1) do
  #insert new comment at bottom
  page.insert_html :bottom, 'message_content', "<div class='comment' id='comment_#{}'><p class='light_blue_bar'></p>
                <p class='post_header'>
                <p class='post_meta'>
                  Created on: #{'%D at %I:%M%p').downcase}
                <p class='post_content'>
  #highlight new comment             
  page.visual_effect :highlight, "comment_#{}",
                                   :startcolor => "\'#bbccff\'",
                                   :endcolor => "\'#ffffdd\'"

and the ajax response has this in the body, which from the scriptaculous docs should be right...

new Effect.Highlight("comment_42",{endcolor:'#ffffdd', startcolor:'#bbccff'});