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I recently spent an entire Saturday afternoon trying to get a replacement datebox for the awful one that comes with Rails.  I wanted to use one that handles both Dates and DateTimes so I tried datebocks and a couple others.  I continued to run into integration issues.  It seems these plugins don't always "plug in" nice and easy.  I end up researching and trying to debug all sorts of issues that appear in the console.  After about 30 to 45 minutes I just abandon whatever the plugin is that's giving me the fuss.  I don't have the time to debug everything I want to make use of. 

Eventually I tried CalendarDateSelect since it seemed a good match for what I was looking for.  It integrated fine, but it didn't seem to work well on the page (I suspect Javascript issues), so I submitted an bug, to which I got the reply that the developer couldn't reproduce the issue and he closed it.  Now, I've tried this in Ubuntu with Firefox and in Windows with IE and had the same failed result.  So I'm wondering if someone can confirm the glitch so I know I'm not crazy?  You can confirm it directly with the online demo in 2 minutes. … yphen_ampm

You must use the "hyphen_ampm" version.

Go to the Popup Calendars tab.  Use the "With time" popup and select a date and a time.  For me, this much works.  After selecting a date/time, try modifying the result to a new date/time.  I try clicking on the icon and get no result.  Once I delete the time portion from the input field, the popup is again responsive when I click the icon.

For example, I selected "2007-08-03 5:30 PM".  After selecting--or even hand entering this date for that matter--I can click my heart out on the calendar icon with no popup response.

Can anyone else reproduce this issue?

Thanks.  I'd really like to validate this issue so that it can be resolved.

Mario T. Lanza

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Working fine here I'm afriad

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i have the same problem. must be some bug.

I'm on Firefox in case it matters

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Yay - I broke it today by deleteing everything after the colon in the time

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