Topic: File_Column is not working properly in IE 6.0


I am using file_column to upload files in my application. After browse and giving title, when I click on upload, sometime it attach the file and giving success message and some time I am getting page can not be displayed. Well, I have test in Firefox and its working fine in fire fox.

My code is as mentioned below.

In My ModelI have mentioned as:
  file_column :filename
  validates_presence_of :filename
  validates_presence_of :title

This is my view:

        <td><%= file_column_field "attachment", "filename", {:onclick => "document.getElementById('attachment_title').value = document.getElementById('attachment_filename').value"} %>
            <%= f.hidden_field :user_id, :value => @claim.user_id %>
            <%= f.hidden_field :claim_id, :value => %>
        <th>File Title</th>
        <td colspan="3"><%= f.text_field :title, {:id => "attachment_title"} %></td>

In My controller:

I am checking for the whether filename and file title are existing or not. If its existing it will not allow to upload the file.

Thanks for the help in advance.