Topic: JavaScript on FireFox , it doesnt work

Hi, I am new to javascript.There is one specified layout, They are W3 certified javascripts.They donot work on firefox browser on linux.They work on IE browser of any version but they have problem working on firefox,linux version.

On windows version of firefox there is IEtab plugin, if u install that for firefox it works fine but that plugin is not applicable to linux version.It is called as 'IEVIEW'.I tried installing ies4linux on linux but ies4linux is so tightly packed that it doesnot act as a plugin for the firefox linux. Please let me know if any one has a solution.

OF Working of W3 certified javascripts to work out on firefox,Linux.... alas i cant change the formats....

Re: JavaScript on FireFox , it doesnt work

I don't understand what your saying - sorry. What doesn't work?

Re: JavaScript on FireFox , it doesnt work

In simple there is a .js file that does not get displayed on firefox browser but it gets displayed in IE browser.Is there any way to display those .js on firefox browser also, platfdorm is LINUX.I think i am clear????